AutoGrid Systems analyzes the exponentially expanding wave of data being generated by smart meters, building management systems, voltage regulators, thermostats and other equipment so utilities and end-users can obtain precise insight into where power is going and enact automated, responsive controls.

AutoGrid creates technology to help

Large Utilities

By mining operational trends and consumption patterns, AutoGrid’s Energy Data Platform can forecast demand days, minutes or even seconds in advance. With our tools, data replaces emergency capacity.

Munis, Co-Ops

AutoGrid delivers services over the cloud, reducing the cost of demand management systems by 90 percent. AutoGrid is also 100-percent hardware neutral: high capital and operational costs are no longer a barrier.

Service Providers

With our software, ESCOs, demand response providers, electricity retailers and others can employ demand management tools 24/7/365. AutoGrid increases power “yields” by 30 percent or more.


High levels of security, rock-solid stability, compatibility with standards and a rapid ROI mean that manufacturers and real estate managers can follow through with plans to adopt energy efficiency strategies.

Featured Services:

“AutoGrid is creating the brains for the smart grid. If you can analyze all of the data, you can predict what the electrical parameters of the grid will be under any situation and use that to remove inefficiencies from the electricity supply chain.”

Dan Ahn, Managing Director