AutoGrid Energy Internet Platform™

As the unified foundation for all AutoGrid applications, the AutoGrid Energy Internet Platform (EIP)
provides the capability to predict, optimize, and control tens of thousands of DERs, millions of
participants, using trillions of data-points, in real time.

The Rise of the Energy Internet

Today’s energy system is fundamentally transforming from the traditional electrical grid into a decentralized model. It is becoming a network where the data flowing across the network is as important as the energy flowing across the network. In short, it is becoming the Energy Internet.

Driven by economic, technological, societal and environmental forces, this new energy paradigm is multi-directional, distributed, dynamic and digital. With more sources of energy and energy savings on both sides of the meter. More opportunity to interact with customers and devices. More competitors. And more customers who want greater control over their energy future.

The Energy Internet is the new infrastructure of the modern energy system. Harnessing the data flowing across this complex network will separate the winners from the losers.

Harness Energy Internet data for flexibility

The AutoGrid Energy Internet Platform™ (EIP) helps energy providers win the future by harnessing flexibility to deliver reliability. As the unified technology foundation for all AutoGrid applications , the AutoGrid EIP™ provides the state-of-the-art energy data science, speed and scale needed to predict, optimize and control tens of thousands of distributed energy resources (DERs) and millions of participants, using trillions of data-points, in real time.

With applications built on the AutoGrid EIP, energy providers can balance and optimize a decentralized, renewable-friendly energy network. Create more value from energy assets for themselves and for their customers. And deliver clean, affordable, reliable power to the world.

Intelligent prediction, optimization and dispatch—in real time, at scale

AutoGrid Predictive Controls™ technology is the intelligence at the core of the AutoGrid Energy Internet Platform. This patented technology processes petabytes of data streaming from millions of connected energy assets using powerful data science, advanced machine learning and high-performance network optimization algorithms to create a living model of the Energy Internet.

  • Advanced energy data science
    • Models both the physics and the customer behavior of the Energy Internet
    • Accurately predicts and optimizes supply and demand patterns across the Energy Internet—in real time and at scale
  • Big data speed and scale
    • Rapidly optimizes millions of decision variables
    • Dispatches assets automatically and reliably

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