AutoGrid Engage™

The only customer engagement software with the advanced analytics to make the most of customer-owned DERs

Engaging customers has always been critical to building relationships and reducing churn. But now that customers are no longer merely consumers of energy, but also suppliers who demand choice, convenience and self-control, having a nice-looking portal for your programs is not enough.

To truly engage your customers, you need AutoGrid Engage™, a customer engagement application suite that uses AutoGrid’s advanced analytical capabilities to:

  • Target customers with the most relevant offers.
  • Present them with personalized, real-time program, usage and event updates.
  • Provide feedback at key moments to encourage ongoing participation

Used in conjunction with AutoGrid Flex™ , AutoGrid Engage is also the only customer engagement software that can actively optimize and control customer-owned assets, ranging from smart thermostats to CHP units to energy storage, so that customers can get the highest return possible on their connected installations.

Customized for your business. Personalized for your customers.

Personalized. Target specific messages to customers across their preferred channels (email, text, chat, phone) with advanced segmentation, and provide them with real-time updates so they can take the right action at the right time.

DER integration. Connect to, optimize and control the full variety of customer-owned DERs, ranging from smart thermostats to CHP units to energy storage, to increase their value to your company and to your customers.

Built-in testing. Test and measure the effectiveness of different messages, rates and program elements with easy-to-use split testing engine to maximize program participation and yield.

Configurable. Architected to be fully configurable to match your organization’s branding, and seamlessly integrated with your other corporate web platforms and applications.

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