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With the Power of Flexible Assets

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Twenty-four different Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs in California serve over 11 million customers. By the end of 2023, CCAs will provide clean electricity for nearly half of the state’s three large IOUs.

Because California is the world’s fifth largest economy, the state’s CCAs have an outsized role to play in fighting climate change. These frontline organizations are thinking global as they decarbonize at the local level. With consumers increasingly adopting distributed energy resources (DERs), CCAs are seizing the opportunity to stabilize the grid by mobilizing energy assets to meet peak demands.

Innovative digital platforms can help CCAs harness the power of DERs spanning supply, demand, and energy storage. Virtual power plants can aggregate and mobilize thousands of localized distributed assets in real time.


AutoGrid’s new ebook provides an action plan for CCAs to benefit from digital flexibility management platforms across six mission-critical goals:

Reducing Resource Adequacy Obligations
Reducing Peak Loads
Reducing GHG Emissions
Engaging with Underserved Communities
Managing Flexibility
Increasing Engagement with Customers

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