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At AutoGrid, we use AI and data science to create cleantech solutions and services that are redefining the energy landscape. And yeah, we have a lot of fun along the way.

Voices of AutoGrid (1:19)

Mission driven Customer focused Outcomes obsessed

Mission driven.
Customer focused.
Outcomes obsessed.

We’re committed to accelerating access to sustainable energy in order to combat the climate crisis. AutoGrid’s AI-driven software makes electric vehicles, batteries, roof-top solar, utility-scale wind and other distributed energy resources (DERs) smarter. By enabling prediction, optimization, and real-time control of millions of energy assets at an unprecedented scale, AutoGrid is making the vision of a decentralized, decarbonized, and democratized new energy world a reality.

Take a look. We’re not shy.

Rules of our road

AutoGrid’s culture is built around collaboration and collective action. Here are a few of our favorite verbs and how they move us.

Include. Respect. Recognize.

Diversity of background and thought make us stronger. We succeed as a team, but we always give credit where it’s due.
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Question. Innovate. Grow.

Our company started with rethinking and repurposing overlooked energy assets. Pushing back against the status quo is in our DNA.
Think global

Think global. Act local. Don’t wait.

We believe that technology can help us achieve a sustainable energy future for all. As the climate crisis accelerates, so do we.
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Diversity and Inclusion

AutoGrid is committed to forming a truly diverse and inclusive culture, embracing all life experiences, backgrounds, and diversity of thought.

In their own words

We asked a few team members around the world to describe what gets them excited to come to work at AutoGrid every day.

The Whole Package

At AutoGrid, you can access an array of enrichments and perks. We strive to support your health, family, life/work balance, and personal growth.

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