AutoGrid and Willdan Collaborate to Create Significant Flexible Capacity Using Heat Pump Water Heaters in Virtual Power Plants

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REDWOOD CITY, CA June 30, 2022

“Collaboration in this important and emerging technology will accelerate electrification and reduce emissions while earning customers money” 

AutoGrid announced a collaboration with Willdan to accelerate adoption of heat pump water heaters to decarbonize buildings by replacing emissions-intensive, gas-fired water heaters. This collaboration will leverage AutoGrid’s Virtual Power Plant platform to add significant levels of flexible grid capacity, starting in the CAISO energy market. The flexible capacity, when combined with other resources managed by AutoGrid’s VPP platform, strengthens the grid and helps reduce the probability of blackouts during periods of peak energy demand.

AutoGrid is dedicated to expanding their suite of artificial intelligence-driven energy internet applications that allow utilities, electricity retailers, renewable energy project developers, and energy service providers to deliver clean, affordable, and reliable energy in a distributed energy world. Collaboration with Willdan places heat pump water heaters into appropriate distributed energy resource (DER) programs which will have a positive impact on the environment while also providing customers with an additional revenue stream.

“One of our core goals at AutoGrid is to find companies that align with our values, integrate naturally into our offerings, and help support advances in the industry,” said Farshid Arman, Senior Director of Grid Services Partnerships. “This synergy will help consumers make smart choices and enroll their connected heat pump water heaters easily into DER programs.”

Willdan is a national company that provides comprehensive consulting, technical expertise, financing options, and energy-efficient upgrades for utilities, government agencies, and private industry. They are currently the program implementer for several energy efficiency programs on behalf of the largest utilities in California.

This collaboration serves the needs of the California grid as the state is ramping up ever-more flexible energy resources to be better prepared for a potential capacity shortfall.

About AutoGrid

Founded in 2010, AutoGrid’s mission is to accelerate access to sustainable energy in order to combat climate change. AutoGrid’s artificial intelligence-driven software makes electric vehicles, batteries, roof-top solar, utility-scale wind, and other distributed energy resources (DERs) smarter. By enabling prediction, optimization, and real-time control of millions of energy assets at an unprecedented scale, AutoGrid is making the vision of a decentralized, decarbonized, and democratized new energy world a reality. With over a decade of pioneering experience across the globe, AutoGrid offers fleet owners, energy-as-a-service companies, renewable project developers, utilities, and electricity retailers the ability to build, own, operate, and participate in intelligent and scalable virtual power plants, enabling them to disrupt the dependency on fossil-fuel based energy. The AutoGrid Flex platform manages over 6,000MW of virtual power plants in 15 countries.

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