AutoGrid Deploys Utility Grade Virtual Power Plant of Residential Batteries in Southern California to Support Grid Resiliency in SCE’s Service Area

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AutoGrid has enrolled a Large Number of Residential Batteries in its Turnkey VPP Platform

REDWOOD CITY, CA, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Industry leading Virtual Power Plant (VPP) provider, AutoGrid Systems Inc., is using its platform to deploy a large-scale residential battery VPP in the Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Power Flex program to contribute to cleaner energy throughout the state, and help accelerate California’s carbon neutrality goals.

SCE, the state’s second-largest investor-owned utility, which serves 15 million residents, has identified solar plus storage as critical for meeting California’s carbon neutrality goal and grid resiliency.

Through its PowerFlex program, SCE provides incentives to residential solar and battery owners for participating in AutoGrid’s VPP, allowing SCE customers to help stabilize, rebalance and increase the efficiency of their local power grid. AutoGrid’s turnkey service includes all payment processing and customer support with the homeowners.

AutoGrid’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is optimizing the operations of nearly 400kW of battery capacity. At times of peak demand, AutoGrid’s VPP integrated with SCE dispatch systems will automatically respond to the utility’s signals, and orchestrate carbon-free, battery-stored electricity to power homes.

“AutoGrid is pleased to be working with SCE to support the state’s carbon neutrality goals and grid modernization,” said Amit Narayan, founder & CEO of AutoGrid. “Virtual Power Plants not only help with immediate crises like the power outages and overextensions we’ve recently witnessed, but also let energy-conscious Californians do their parts to better their communities and make positive impacts on the environment.”

About AutoGrid

Founded in 2010, with the mission of accelerating access to sustainable energy in order to combat climate change. AutoGrid’s AI-driven software makes electric vehicles, batteries, roof-top solar, utility-scale wind and other distributed energy resources (DERs) smarter. By enabling prediction, optimization, and real-time control of millions of energy assets at an unprecedented scale, AutoGrid is making the vision of a decentralized, decarbonized, and democratized new energy world a reality. With over a decade of pioneering experience across the globe, AutoGrid offers fleet owners, energy-as-a-service companies, renewable project developers, utilities, and electricity retailers the ability to build, own, operate, and participate in intelligent and scalable Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) enabling them to disrupt the dependency on fossil-fuel based energy. AutoGrid Flex platform is managing over 6,000 MW of VPPs in 15 countries.
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