AutoGrid Flex now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace to simplify procurement and deployment of Flexibility Management programs

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September 01, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The award winning AutoGrid Flex™ is now available for purchase through AWS Marketplace.  This allows AWS customers another easy, no-hassle option to purchase AutoGrid Flex Demand Response (DROMS), Distributed Energy Resources (DERMS) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) management systems directly through existing procurement channels.  Transacting in AWS Marketplace streamlines the purchase process, simplifies renewals, and consolidates billing with existing AWS expenses.  This option is available for both new and existing AutoGrid clients, as long as they have an account on AWS Marketplace.  Existing AutoGrid clients should reach out to their account manager for more details about transferring current contracts to AWS Marketplace.

Access the public Flex listing here: AutoGrid DROMS on AWS Marketplace

Our public Marketplace listing is designed to provide a conveniently packaged offering of our Bring-Your-Own-Things™ (BYOT) solution for supporting up to three of our largest thermostat partners: Google Nest, ecobee, and Honeywell. In addition, customers can set up notification and pricing-based behavioral load management programs supported with custom notification templates through email, sms and phone. All programs come with full featured functionality such as targeted dispatch, ability to define custom groups, and advanced measurement and verification (M&V) capabilities. With a predefined scope of work, a la carte selection of thermostat vendors, and all inclusive pricing, using AWS Marketplace offers a push-button procurement so utilities can spend less time on contracting and more time delivering value. AutoGrid can deploy and configure this BYOT solution in as little as four weeks from date of purchase. Currently, AutoGrid Flex is available in seven global AWS regions – US-West, US-East, Canada, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

In addition to the integrations available in the standard BYOT offer, customers can optionally add from over 85 additional integrations throughout the term of the contract. These additional integrations are available via Amazon Marketplace Private Offers and include additional DER resource types such as Water Heaters, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage as well as connections to various enterprise IT/OT systems such as meter data management, CIS, billing and advanced distribution management system (ADMS) as the programs grow in size. Private Offers enable us to tailor our solution to our clients’ specific needs, and offer pricing and contract terms different from our publicly listed offer. Through Private Offers we make the entire suite of Flex products and solutions available via AWS Marketplace.

For clients that have existing AWS relationships with an Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP), purchases made through Marketplace apply against annual EDP spend commitments whether they choose the public or private AWS Marketplace offer. This gives an opportunity to AWS customers to leverage pre-approved and allocated budget to license our software, shortening time-consuming internal processes and increasing utilization of committed AWS spending.

This listing on AWS Marketplace is one more step in AutoGrid’s constant drive to offer greater flexibility and convenience for our clients, such that they can focus on their mission of enabling the distributed, resilient, data-driven power grid of the future.  Reach out to us at for more information.

Learn more about AutoGrid’s partnership with AWS here: AutoGrid and AWS

Source: Business Wire.

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