AutoGrid Systems’ Energy Data Platform Recognized as 2014 Green Product of the Year by BIG Awards for Business Program

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AutoGrid Systems, a leader in big data analytics and cloud computing solutions for the energy industry, is pleased to announce that The Business Intelligence Group has named its Energy Data Platform Green Product of the Year in the 2014 BIG Awards for Business program.

The BIG Awards specialize in recognizing top-performing companies and organizations with a proprietary judging process scored by well-known and experienced leaders and executives from around the globe.

“Big Data software analytics will play an important role in building a cleaner, more advanced energy infrastructure,” said Amit Narayan, CEO of AutoGrid. “As this award demonstrates, AutoGrid’s Energy Data Platform can help utilities, communities and individuals use power more wisely, allowing us to create a more sustainable energy infrastructure.”

AutoGrid’s Energy Data Platform

AutoGrid transforms data into the cleanest, cheapest source of power. The company’s Energy Data Platform (EDP) leverages petabytes of data generated by smart meters and other equipment to let utilities, communities and individuals fine-tune power consumption and costs. EDP can forecast electrical consumption at up to a million end-points every ten minutes: This unprecedented stream of real-time information combined with cloud-based software applications for EDP created by AutoGrid and third-party developers work in concert to reduce emissions, shave peak power, integrate a larger share of renewables into the grid, reduce outages, and maximize the use and value of power and power generating assets.

Such utilities as E.ON, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Austin Energy, and City of Palo Alto Utilities have announced the use of AutoGrid’s big data analytics technology to improve the reliability and productivity of their operations. AutoGrid has also partnered with several world-leading organizations, such as NTT DATA, Schneider Electric, and Silver Spring Networks, to expand its market reach around the world.

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