AutoGrid was nominated as a winner by Smart Grid News to be in the selective list of “2015 Smart Grid Companies to Watch”

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This list is selected from reader nominations and includes some of the most innovative and emerging companies in the smart grid industry. The winners are a melting pot of industry technology but all are riding the wave of emerging trends and opportunities in the Internet of Things, energy storage and distributed energy resources, the connected home, and home and building energy management and will have an impact in the energy industry as much as 10 years into the future.

 Among AutoGrid’s impressive leadership team is Vice President of Analytics Quique Schwarz, who pioneered the application of revenue management and demand-side optimization in a number of verticals he previously worked in, including digital advertising, air cargo, long-haul trucking, and retail pricing/promotions. While working for a leading boutique solutions firm that specialized in revenue management, he designed the analytics behind the first successful revenue management system in the air cargo industry for Continental Airlines and a promotions optimization system for Ford Motor Company.

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AutoGrid ranked #1 in comparison to 12 other industry companies.
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