ENOWA partners with AutoGrid for digital energy platform

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REDWOOD CITY, CA, Aug 04, 2022

The partnership will initially focus on establishing the foundational principles, data model and integration design of the ENOWA operating system.

NEOM’s energy, water and hydrogen subsidiary ENOWA partners with US-based AutoGrid to co-design its revolutionary digital energy platform.

A pioneer of AI-driven energy internet applications, AutoGrid enables energy providers to manage and optimise renewable and distributed energy resources, at-scale and in real-time, according to a statement from ENOWA.

The partnership will initially focus on establishing the foundational principles, data model and integration design of the ENOWA operating system; a series of use-case simulations will seek to extract capacity from distributed energy resources, thereby increasing the productivity and value of energy assets.

ENOWA to realise digital energy vision

“ENOWA is out to create a 100% renewable energy system, embedded within an AI-powered digital energy platform,” said Jens Madrian, executive director of Energy at ENOWA.

“As a global leader in the space, AutoGrid’s credentials are unmatched, and its team has precisely the experience and expertise to bring our ambitions to life,” he added.

Meanwhile, Amit Narayan, CEO of AutoGrid, explained: “Digital innovation is absolutely fundamental to ENOWA’s plans; our technology and unique scientific approach to flexibility management has the power to make them possible”.

On the significance of the partnership, Dr Madrian added: “With a shared vision to provide access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy, this is a real opportunity for both parties to explore and establish a new global standard”.

About AutoGrid

Founded in 2010, AutoGrid is committed to accelerating access to sustainable energy in order to combat the climate crisis. AutoGrid’s AI-driven software makes electric vehicles, batteries, roof-top solar, utility-scale wind and other distributed energy resources (DERs) smarter. By enabling prediction, optimization and real-time control of millions of energy assets at an unprecedented scale, AutoGrid is making the vision of a decentralized, decarbonized and democratized new energy world a reality. With over a decade of pioneering experience across the globe, AutoGrid offers fleet owners, energy-as-a-service companies, renewable project developers, utilities and electricity retailers the ability to build, own, operate and participate in intelligent and scalable Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), enabling them to disrupt dependency on fossil fuel-based energy. The AutoGrid Flex™ platform manages over 6,000 MW of VPPs in 17 countries.

For more information on AutoGrid please visit: https://www.auto-grid.com/


ENOWA is a world-class energy, water and hydrogen company founded in NEOM, Saudi Arabia. ENOWA produces and delivers clean and sustainable resources for industrial and commercial applications using a customer-centric smart and connected system, designed to be circular and takes advantage of NEOM’s optimal solar and wind energy profile. ENOWA benefits from NEOM’s greenfield site, which has no legacy infrastructure, to advance Energy, Water and Hydrogen innovation. ENOWA will act as a catalyst and incubator for developing new, sustainable energy and water businesses while creating a robust economic sector regionally. Through its commitment to renewable energy and efficient water management, ENOWA seeks to become a global reference for industry leaders and setting a benchmark for sustainable economic circular systems around the world.

For more information, please email media@enowa.com or visit www.enowa.com.

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Media Contact:
John Perry
VP of Marketing and Communications, AutoGrid

Source: Construction Week.

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