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Utility receives first-ever innovation award from National Association of Utility Regulatory Commissioners, opening natural gas market to demand response programs

REDWOOD CITY, CA November 20, 2017National Grid, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world, has won the inaugural Utility Industry Innovation in Gas Award from state utility regulators for a new program powered by AutoGrid’s software platform. The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) recognized National Grid for its forward-thinking gas demand response (DR) pilot program, which will provide financial incentives to participating businesses while helping the utility optimize the use of its existing natural gas infrastructure and potentially avoid the cost and environmental impact of capacity upgrades. The program uses AutoGrid Flex™ from flexibility management software leader AutoGrid to operate a natural gas demand response pilot program for commercial and industrial customers on Long Island and in parts of New York City.

“What this award says to us is that state utility regulators are leading and supporting innovative business models that develop new ways to manage a flexible and reliable energy system,” said Carlos Nouel, Vice President New Energy Solutions, National Grid. “We’re pleased to get this recognition because it validates that we’re going in the right direction—using new technology to deliver value and savings to our customers.”

When there’s a need to limit gas demand during peak winter energy use, the cloud-based AutoGrid Flex application sends automated signals through the internet to connect to direct load-control devices provided by IP Keys, another partner in the project. The signals switch enrolled customers’ furnaces, boilers and other natural gas-fired equipment on and off.

National Grid, which provides gas and electric service to more than seven million customers in the Northeast, will use AutoGrid Flex to schedule and conduct gas flexibility events between 6:00–9:00 a.m. throughout the winter heating season, which runs from December 1 through February 28. Sixteen National Grid commercial and industrial customers in the New York Metro area and on Long Island applied for the program, which will allow them to be innovative in shifting their businesses natural gas use.

The program borrows the software platform and the concept of flexibility management from the electric power sector and applies it to natural gas distribution. The goals are the same in either sector: lowering peak energy usage to avoid system congestion, minimizing the need for capacity upgrades to serve peak needs, supporting system reliability and rewarding customers for their voluntary cooperation.

Using AutoGrid’s flexibility management software, National Grid can transform existing gas-fueled machinery outfitted with electrical controllers into modern, two-way devices that can receive automated on-off signals as well as send data on status and use for monitoring, prediction, optimization and control from a single software platform.

“The flexibility management technology taps the latent flexibility in gas equipment,” said Amit Narayan, CEO of AutoGrid. “With this capability, National Grid can balance gas supply and demand more efficiently and effectively by turning gas-fired equipment into flexible resources that can be easily ramped up or down in real time and at scale.”

“The awards demonstrate how state-level regulation and policy can support technological and market innovation,” according to Brien J. Sheahan, Chair of the NARUC Presidential Task Force on Innovation. “As a regulatory community, NARUC is an ideal place to examine technology trends and regulatory innovation,” said Sheahan. “We hope these awards will promote the spread of knowledge and understanding of innovation in regulatory issues.”

The potential impact of this program has regional and international implications.

“By showing how energy service providers can add natural gas-powered distributed energy resources to their flexibility management strategies, National Grid and other AutoGrid clients are demonstrating how utilities of the future can create innovative business models that help them and their customers succeed in the new distributed energy world,” added Narayan.

Pictured below (from right to left) are Owen Brady, Program Manager, NES Solution Development and Chris Long, Director, Strategic Accounts, AutoGrid.

National Grid has won the inaugural Utility Industry Innovation in Gas Award

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