AutoGrid DROMS™

Demand Response Optimization and Management System

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Deliver comprehensive, dispatch-grade demand response

AutoGrid DROMS Demand Response Optimization and Management System™ is the world’s most comprehensive service in its class. It delivers four powerful capabilities to position your demand response (DR) programs for success in the rapidly evolving world of the Energy Internet:

  • Deploys a single, comprehensive demand response management system (DRMS) application covering all assets, programs and customer segments
  • Provides an engaging customer experience for higher program yield
  • Enables dispatch-grade DR through complex business rules, and highly accurate load shed forecasting and M&V
  • Scales rapidly for quick rollout and easy extension of new programs


All assets. All programs.
All customers. One solution.

AutoGrid DROMS Demand Response Optimization and Management System™ is the only unified DRMS that supports all program types, asset classes and customer segments. So you can manage an ever-changing portfolio of assets and programs, today and tomorrow.

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Richest, most engaging customer experience

Highly personalized programs deliver hassle-free enrollment and dynamic engagement for both residential and C&I customers. That allows you to increase enrollment and participation, satisfy customer demand for greater control and choice, and drive higher program yields.

Demand response your dispatchers trust

The only DRMS that delivers “dispatch-grade” DR with advanced analytics and machine learning for the kind of reliable, accurate load shed your operators can count on with absolute confidence. Finally, there’s a way to reduce unpredictability from variable loads and load sheds.

Ramp up and get to market fast

Pre-built program templates, easy configurability, a flexible SaaS architecture and rich APIs allow you to roll out new DR programs in a matter of weeks. So you can get ahead and stay ahead of rapid technology, industry and regulatory change.