Transform the economics of energy storage

AutoGrid ESMS™ (Energy Storage Management System) maximizes the value of energy storage by predicting and controlling flexible capacity from any storage device, anywhere on the grid. It increases ROI by leveraging all energy storage use cases and delivering new revenue streams.

Value for the Grid
AutoGrid ESMS™ supports grid reliability and resiliency by delivering services such as:

  • Transmission and distribution congestion relief 
  • Ancillary services
  • Volt/Var control 

Value for Energy Providers
AutoGrid ESMS™ helps energy providers reduce costs, generate new revenue and deepen relationships by supporting:

  • Transmission and distribution upgrade deferral
  • Participation in energy markets
  • Visibility and control of customer-sited resources

Value for Asset Owners
AutoGrid integrated energy storage solutions allow asset owners to optimally stack up the value of energy storage.

  • Properly size energy storage system to maximize all value streams
  • Automatically participate in energy markets, dynamic pricing and demand response programs
  • Maximize demand response participation without impacting business operations

Optimize in real time and at scale

AutoGrid ESMS™ can predict and optimize more assets, faster than any other platform. The ability to surgically manage a few devices or extract flexible capacity from aggregated portfolios of assets in real time allows energy providers to improve grid operations and deliver customer-centric services that support new energy business models.

Maximize the value of energy storage with AutoGrid ESMS™

Monitor and control all types of energy storage assets

AutoGrid ESMS™ manages batteries as well as EVs, EV charging stations, and thermal storage devices such as ice batteries and hot water heaters. It optimizes and controls all storage technologies, providing modular solutions that reduce inefficiencies, increase the value of each asset, and grow with your storage portfolio.

Deliver value to all stakeholders

AutoGrid integrated applications harness flexible capacity from all energy storage assets, demand response resources and DERs, delivering value to the grid, utilities, and their customers. AutoGrid Flex leverages its DROMS, DERMS, VPP and ESMS modules to enable utilities to manage a distributed energy system that delivers clean, affordable and reliable power.

Co-optimize energy storage with other DERs

While asset-specific software solutions manage devices in silos, AutoGrid’s fully integrated flexibility management platform co-optimizes energy storage with demand response and other types of distributed energy resources (DERs). It predicts and controls aggregated asset portfolios in real time, increasing asset utilization and delivering faster returns on investments. Co-optimizing energy storage with other DERs enables energy providers to efficiently balance supply and demand, integrate more renewables into the grid, and provide new value-added services to their customers. For example, AutoGrid solar-plus-storage solutions deliver capacity to utilities while helping customers reduce demand charges.


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