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Australia has faced many hurdles in the energy transition including disjointed energy policy, grid fragmentation, cost hurdles, community opposition, and inadequate storage. But, as energy markets across the globe struggle to meet rising energy demands and combat climate change, Australia is out of the gate, effectively overcoming these challenges, and creating new market opportunities for energy providers and consumers alike.

Australia has mastered the market with mixed-asset, multi-market virtual powerplants that drive the reliability, flexibility, and sustainability needs of global energy markets.

Download the eBook to learn how Australia’s five-minute market leverages hyper-competitive bidding to set the stage for energy retailers and other market participants to fully embrace the VPP market optimization opportunity. You’ll learn how:

  • Australia’s record-breaking electricity use per capita translates into flexible capacity
  • Curtailment of solar production is challenging Western Australia
  • Australia is striving to integrate behind-the-meter with front-of-the-meter assets to maintain grid reliability
  • Australia’s reformed five-minute market creates a hyper-competitive bidding process
  • Energy retailers are turning to mixed-asset, multi-market VPPs for market optimization

Download the eBook

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