Watch the latest episode of our “On the Grid Edge” vodcast series, where we sit down with Natasha Reid, Product Manager for Utility Initiatives at Mysa. The discussion explores how Mysa’s smart thermostats and partnership with AutoGrid are contributing to climate action.

First, Mysa empowers users to manage and reduce energy consumption with features like remote control, scheduling, and geolocation. Second, by participating in demand response programs and virtual power plants, Mysa helps shift energy usage to off-peak times, reducing carbon intensity and stress on the grid. The discussion also highlights the importance of targeting the baseboard electric heating market prevalent in colder regions like Canada and Alaska.

Tune in to learn more about Mysa’s innovative smart home energy management technology and its role in the distributed energy revolution.

The Speakers:

Peter Asmus Headshot

Peter Asmus

Director of Strategic Marketing
Peter Asmus is the Director of Strategic Marketing for AutoGrid. Previously, he was Research Director for Guidehouse Insights, a management consulting firm. There, he launched the microgrid and VPP research services over a decade ago, forecasting future trends and ranking leading solution providers. He has 34 years of experience in covering and analyzing and writing about emerging energy trends.
Natasha Reid Headshot

Natasha Reid

Product Manager, Utility Initiatives, Mysa

Natasha holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is a registered Professional Engineer with PEGNL. She started her career in the utility sector as an electrical design engineer and worked for eight years with two Canadian utility companies: BC Hydro and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. In 2019, Natasha joined a local startup, Mysa Smart Thermostats. As the Product Manager for Utility Initiatives, she worked with utilities across North America to help integrate smart technology into their grids. Natasha has recently accepted a new position at a not-for-profit, the Transition Accelerator, as Director of Research – Building Decarbonization Alliance.

Last year, Natasha moved to France where she pursued her Masters studies in Global Energy Transition and Governance at Centre International de Formation Européenne. Her thesis focused on how Canada can unlock demand-side potential through residential demand response. Natasha is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability, and sits on the Smart Grid Innovation Network Board of Directors and the Newfoundland and Labrador Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Advisory Council.

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