In the latest from On the Grid Edge, host Peter Asmus chats with Tim Hade, co-founder of Scale Microgrid Solutions. Tim sheds light on the pivotal role of modularity and standardization in microgrid development, and the challenge of deploying microgrids at scale.

Scale Microgrid Solutions, a vertically-integrated microgrid platform specializing in commercial and industrial spaces, has been at the forefront of industry innovation for over a decade. Tim emphasizes the resilience benefits that microgrids bring to industries reliant on consistent power, as well as the transformative potential of virtual power plants (VPPs). Listen in to learn how VPPs aggregate distributed energy resources (DERs) effectively, reducing the overall cost of the energy transition and addressing challenges posed by the traditional electricity system.

Learn how collective efforts within the industry are driving positive change and a future where resilience challenges are met with innovative new energy solutions.

The Speakers:

Peter Asmus Headshot

Peter Asmus

Director of Strategic Marketing
Peter Asmus is the Director of Strategic Marketing for AutoGrid. Previously, he was Research Director for Guidehouse Insights, a management consulting firm. There, he launched the microgrid and VPP research services over a decade ago, forecasting future trends and ranking leading solution providers. He has 34 years of experience in covering and analyzing and writing about emerging energy trends.
Tim Hade headshot

Tim Hade

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Scale Microgrid Solutions
Tim Hade is a co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer at Scale Microgrid Solutions, where he focuses on developing sustainable distributed generation solutions to serve North America’s growing indoor agriculture industry. Prior to joining Scale, Tim served as the Business Development Manager for ENER-G Rudox, where he oversaw project development of the company’s turnkey sustainable energy projects, and built the company’s performance contracting division. In 2015, Tim’s white paper “Sustainable Load Balancing: Integrating Distributed Natural Gas, Solar PV, and Energy Storage Assets” was named the 2015 Renewable Energy World Paper of the Year. Prior to joining the clean technology industry, Tim served on Active Duty as an officer in the United States Air Force. He holds a B.S. from the United States Air Force Academy, an MBA from Stanford University, and is a certified LEED AP.
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