In the first installment of AutoGrid’s new Podcast “On the Grid Edge”, Peter Asmus is joined by John Bonnin, recently retired from his role as Vice President, Energy Supply and Market Operations at CPS Energy. John and Peter discuss their recent white paper Unlocking New Value Streams with Multi-Asset Virtual Power Plants and explore the concept of virtual power plants (VPPs), their benefits and challenges, and the future of energy in the context of VPPs.

Discover how VPPs can enhance grid reliability and resiliency, increase renewable energy integration, and provide ancillary services such as frequency regulation and voltage support. Bonnin and Asmus also highlight the crucial role of innovation and collaboration in the energy industry, and the need for continued investment in VPPs and related technologies. If you’re interested in the intersection of energy and technology, this podcast provides valuable insights and expert perspectives on the future of energy.

Download the white paper, and tune in to explore the potential of VPPs and how they can enable a more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy future.

The Speakers:

Peter Asmus Headshot

Peter Asmus

Director of Strategic Marketing
Peter Asmus is the Director of Strategic Marketing for AutoGrid. Previously, he was Research Director for Guidehouse Insights, a management consulting firm. There, he launched the microgrid and VPP research services over a decade ago, forecasting future trends and ranking leading solution providers. He has 34 years of experience in covering and analyzing and writing about emerging energy trends.
John Bonnin Headshot

John Bonnin

Independent Energy Consultant

John Bonnin has nearly 30 years of industry experience, including 18 years at CPS Energy as Vice President of Energy Supply and Market Operations. His focus was managing market risks to native load customers and optimal dispatch of CPS Energy’s power generation fleet, which included over 1.5 GW renewable energy and 200 MW Demand Response capability. Mr. Bonnin has a Master of Science in Management/Computer Resource Management from Webster University and a B.S. in Chemistry from LSU.

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