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beyond the peak empowering the indian energy market featured

Beyond the Peak: Empowering the Indian Energy Market

Explore how our DR optimization management solutions support a smarter, cleaner Indian energy market.
Grid to prosumer DERMS Solution Guide

Grid to Prosumer DERMS

Explore how Schneider Electric’s Grid-to-Prosumer DERMS solution supports utility-grade grid optimization, flexibility management, and prosumer engagement.
Energy storage management system feature

Energy Storage Management System (ESMS)

Read about the key capabilities of AutoGrid Energy Storage Management System (ESMS), and how you can get the most value out of energy storage.
How eaas microgrids optimized with vpp software accelerates the energy transition feature

How EaaS Microgrids Optimized with VPP Software Accelerate the Energy Transition

Empower energy prosumers in microgrid-powered sites for bidirectional exchanges, driving transition, grid stability, and diverse energy products & services.
autogrids turnkey vpp solution efficient energy management in a decarbonized world feature

Turnkey VPPs: Efficient Energy Management in a Decarbonized World

Solution on flexibility and scalability for integrating distributed energy resources into the grid. Empowering Energy Providers with End-to-End DER Delivery.
virtual power plant platform for australia feature

Virtual Power Plant Platform for Australia

Thrive in today’s volatile electricity markets with AutoGrid’s virtual power plant platform. Energy flexibility for Australian electricity market participants.
ev grid & evse energy management feature

EV Grid Services Solution Gride

End-to-end SaaS + Turnkey Services Solution for EV and EVSE Energy Management. Advanced DER optimization and control for EV ecosystems.
power down dirty peakers clean up with virtual power plants feature

Power Down Dirty Peakers, Clean Up with Virtual Power Plants

Replacing peaker plants with Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) may make economic sense today despite their different regulatory environments and cultural differences.
droms solution guide feature

Demand Response Optimization and Management System (DROMS)

Read about AutoGrid's Demand Response Optimization and Management System (DROMS) product offering. DROMS offers the industry’s most robust platform.
derms solution guide feature

Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)

Read AutoGrid DERMS solution guide and its role in empowering energy providers, utilities, and project developers in the new distributed energy landscape.
company overview datasheet feature

AutoGrid Company Overview

Predict, optimize and control distributed energy resources. AutoGrid’s applications help energy providers win the future by harnessing Energy Internet data.
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