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AutoGrid DERMS enables a smarter, cleaner, more distributed electric power grid. By providing a platform to harness, orchestrate, and optimize energy assets across all customer classes, device types, and use cases, we enable energy leaders to easily adapt to and take advantage of the huge forecasted growth in distributed energy resources (DERs) – at unprecedented scale.

You’ll learn how:

  • AutoGrid Flex™ provides a comprehensive DERMS platform that efficiently manages various DERs, enables seamless integration of DERs, and optimizes these DERs for energy flexibility.
  • CPS Energy achieved $40M savings over three years with 240 MW of flexibility management.
  • AutoGrid’s core capabilities lie in the development of intelligent algorithms that go far beyond dashboarding and reporting capabilities.
  • AutoGrid uses AI and machine learning to provide real-time monitoring, optimization, and management of DERs, dynamically tracking flexibility and scaling operations.

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