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The Macro Benefits of Microgrids + VPPs

Larger energy prosumers, equipped with the right tools, can become catalysts in the energy transition by working in microgrid-powered commercial and industrial (C&I) sites to enable bidirectional exchanges of electricity and other energy products and services to help stabilize the larger grid. Microgrid aggregations can also be organized into VPPs that can respond to the real-time grid service needs of retail and wholesale markets. Grid operators and utilities can leverage microgrids to support the larger grid through provision of grid services, helping to comply with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 2222.

In a future where clusters of microgrids are aggregated into VPPs, enabling even more resiliency, peak load reductions, and optimization of DER assets, a new approach to grid management is needed. Our technology brief dives deeper into this topic, providing insights into how to create value through distributed energy resource management.

You’ll learn:

  • Why VPPs are key to drawing out maximum value from microgrids
  • How microgrids are used to keep critical loads up and running during emergencies such as wildfires and extreme weather events.
  • How to use AI and machine learning powered analytics to optimize when to generate, buy or sell electricity from a microgrid to create customer bill savings.
  • How to use microgrid VPP aggregations to respond in real time to the grid service needs of retail and wholesale markets.

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