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Charting the Course Featured

Charting the Course: Strategies for Accelerating Virtual Power Plant Adoption

Join our webinar diving deep into the DOE's 'Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Virtual Power Plants' for insights on VPP adoption and grid revolution.
rmi webinar feature image

RMI Webinar on VPPs in India

VPP technology is rapidly advancing in India due to the country's growing renewables market, a need for scalable and sustainable energy solutions...
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Building Megawatts: Harnessing C&I Sites to Expand VPP Capacity

Webinar on the power and promise of integrating C&I resources, including Schneider's Digital Buildings customer base, into AutoGrid Turnkey VPPs.
Clean Capacity on Tap Unlocking the Potential of Turnkey VPPs feature

Clean Capacity on Tap: Unlocking the Potential of Turnkey VPPs

Joined by Swell Energy for a discussion on how virtual power plants (VPPs) are the key to unlocking opportunity in the new energy economy.
reshaping energy infrastructure scaling microgrids through standardization and vpps feature

Reshaping Energy Infrastructure: Scaling Microgrids through Standardization and VPPs

On Schneider Electric's Microgrid Flex on "On the Grid Edge" podcast. Explore Microgrids & VPPs, fostering flexibility, decarbonization & new revenue streams.
autogrids turnkey vpp solution efficient energy management in a decarbonized world feature

Turnkey VPPs: Efficient Energy Management in a Decarbonized World

Solution on flexibility and scalability for integrating distributed energy resources into the grid. Empowering Energy Providers with End-to-End DER Delivery.
turnkey vpps streamlining der management for the decarbonized grid of the future feature

Turnkey VPPs: Streamlining DER Management for the Decarbonized Grid of the Future

This white paper on how VPPs are changing the energy landscape and how your organization can overcome challenges and capitalize on the opportunities.
Guidehouse insights vpp platform leaderboard feature

Guidehouse Insights VPP Platform Leaderboard

This Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard examines the Strategy and Execution of 16 VPP platform vendors whose platforms can create mixed-asset VPPs.
unlocking new value streams with multi asset virtual power plants feature

Unlocking New Value Streams with Multi-Asset Virtual Power Plants

This white paper details how VPP platforms seamlessly orchestrate disparate DERs into single dispatchable resources. How resource deploys into the market.
radical resilience building an adaptive energy grid with derms and vpp feature

Building an Adaptive Energy Grid with DERMS and VPP

Join industry veteran and visionary Bryan Olnik and DERs expert Sadia Raveendran for a conversation on today's cutting-edge DERMS and VPP platforms.
virtual power plant platform for australia feature

Virtual Power Plant Platform for Australia

Thrive in today’s volatile electricity markets with AutoGrid’s virtual power plant platform. Energy flexibility for Australian electricity market participants.
power down dirty peakers clean up with virtual power plants feature

Power Down Dirty Peakers, Clean Up with Virtual Power Plants

Replacing peaker plants with Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) may make economic sense today despite their different regulatory environments and cultural differences.
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