We know the destination: Electric vehicles (EVs) will overtake fossil-fuel transportation. They’ll charge up with clean, renewable energy. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) will help to keep power flowing when and where it’s needed most.

It’s just getting there that’s hard.

With EV sales projected to exceed 50% of total auto sales by 2030, power providers are facing both a rapid rise in electricity demand and an enormous opportunity to tap flexible, mobile capacity. Harnessing the potential of this most transformative of all distributed energy resources requires both AI-powered solutions and innovative programs. Today’s power providers are seeking EV charging insights, demand forecasting, the ability to shape load and manage demand peaks, and a seamless customer experience.

At the front lines, one of California’s largest community choice aggregators, the Clean Power Alliance (CPA), is also trying to spur charging infrastructure investments and broader, equitable access to EVs and EVSEs for consumers of all incomes. Join CPA’s Director of Customer Programs Joanne O’Neill; AutoGrid’s E-Mobility Business Lead Mimi Gupta; and industry veteran Peter Asmus for a high-energy conversation on integrating EVs into VPPs for a more resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable grid. Learn how to:

  • Tackle the challenge of predicting demand patterns and planning infrastructure deployment
  • Build innovative outreach and incentive programs to ensure equitable access and participation for all
  • Integrate EVs into existing demand-side flexibility programs and expand their role in maintaining grid resilience
  • Go beyond DR and TOU toward the promise of telematics and V2G

The Speakers:

Joanne Headshot

Joanne O’Neill

Director of Customer Programs, CPA

Joanne serves the Director, Customer Programs at Clean Power Alliance, leading a mix of programs promoting electric vehicles and buildings, demand response, energy resiliency, and low-income community solar. She has over 15 years of experience delivering customer programs within the utility and consulting space. This includes over 5 years of leading the California operations at CLEAResult, the largest provider of emission-reducing energy solutions across North America, and more than 10 years at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). When at PG&E, Joanne designed and implemented numerous customer programs and led the strategy for implementation of time-of-use rates.

mahima gupta headshot

Mimi Gupta

E-Mobility Business Lead

Mimi Gupta is the E-Mobility Business Lead at Autogrid and leads all e-mobility business development activities across AutoGrid’s utility, OEM, and fleet solutions. She brings more than more than 15 years of experience to the cleantech space. Prior to AutoGrid, Mahima worked at Navigant Consulting as Associate Director of its Energy Practice, supporting the development and regulation of sustainable smart buildings and consumer electronics technologies on behalf of the US DOE and utilities. She has a Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University and a Masters in Management from Stanford Business School. At Stanford, she was also an advisor to EV50, the flagship program of Stanford’s Bits & Watts initiative. EV50 aims to understand the engineering, economic and policy implications having 50 percent of cars, trucks and buses electrified by 2030.

Peter Asmus Headshot

Peter Asmus

Director of Strategic Marketing

Peter Asmus is now Director of Strategic Marketing for AutoGrid. Previously, he was Research Director for Guidehouse Insights, a management consulting firm. There, he launched the microgrid and VPP research services over a decade ago, forecasting future trends and ranking leading solution providers. He has 34 years of experience in covering and analyzing and writing about emerging energy trends.

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