What is AutoGrid Flex?

AutoGrid Flex is an AI-driven distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) that makes it possible to harness, orchestrate, and optimize energy assets across all classes, device types, and use cases. Use AutoGrid Flex to:

Monitor and control DERs. Manage millions of devices in real-time with high-performance, low-latency, data processing capabilities.

Aggregate flexible capacity. Dynamically orchestrate and aggregate DERs for dispatch and distribution flexibility management.

Forecast and optimize. Proactively anticipate and mitigate grid instability or congestion issues, and optimize energy resources.

Measure and verify. Leverage statistically rigorous processes for load analysis, logging, auditing, and change management.

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What is AutoGrid Flex?

Virtual Power Plants
Seamlessly aggregate and orchestrate energy assets across all classes, device types, and use cases.
Demand Response
Optimize energy usage, reduce peak demand while ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction.
Microgrid Management
Intelligently manage, optimize and aggregate microgrid generation, storage, and energy distribution.
Energy Storage Management
Dynamically manage batteries to increase efficiency while optimizing and extending asset lifespan.
Energy Market Access
Enable seamless integration of renewable energy into existing energy markets.
EV & EVSE Grid Services
Proactively manage demand and increase grid resilience by leveraging EVs as a source of flexibility.

AutoGrid's AI Advantage: Energy Flexibility at Unrivaled Scale

AutoGrid’s core competency is the development of AI and proprietary algorithms that dynamically track flexibility and scale operations to efficiently utilize DERs, optimize grid efficiency, balance supply and demand, and seamlessly integrate renewable resources at scale. An open and extensible architecture and patented predictive controls technology enable real-time monitoring, control, and co-optimization of millions of DERs.

DER Flexibility Management Suite

With scalable support for diverse DER assets and grid-to-prosumer capabilities, AutoGrid revolutionizes distributed energy resource management, unlocking unprecedented levels of efficiency and value creation.

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Targeted Dispatch and Flexibility Management

Enable precise dispatch of DERs at different grid levels, minimizing network impact and the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

Optimize Energy Usage and Demand Management Across Multiple Sites

Collect and analyze granular data to dynamically track flexibility and co-optimize DERs across value streams to create benefits for all energy stakeholders.

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Ancillary services dashboard

Ancillary Services to Support Grid Flexibility

Accelerate time-to-market of ancillary services to support grid flexibility and contingencies. AutoGrid DERMS empowers energy providers and producers to participate in ancillary service markets, unlocking additional revenue streams.

Measurement and Verification

Leverage industry-standard NAESB baselining methodologies for load analysis, logging, auditing, and change management to ensure accountability and consistency.
Program Level Event Report
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“225 MW is equivalent to a natural gas-powered peaker plant in our generation portfolio”

John Bonnin, Retired CPS Energy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AutoGrid’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution enables aggregation, coordination, and optimized control of DERs, allowing for their seamless integration and efficient utilization within the grid.

Autogrid’s demand response solution solves the problem of impacting energy consumption and achieving peak demand reduction by providing advanced software tools and analytics that enable real-time monitoring, automated load shifting, and intelligent control of energy-consuming devices, allowing for dynamic demand management and optimized energy usage.

AutoGrid’s DERMS Platform leverages advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to intelligently orchestrate the operation of DERs, ensuring efficient utilization and maximizing economic benefits while minimizing operational expenses.

Autogrid’s Energy Storage Management solution optimizes the operation and dispatch of grid-scale energy storage by leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time analysis to maximize the storage system’s value, enhance grid reliability, and enable effective dispatch of grid-scale storage.

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AutoGrid is the only NERC-CIP-attested, NIST SOC2-certified energy flexibility management provider.

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