Grid-to-Prosumer DERMS

Connect your utility control center to the grid edge with an end-to-end DERMS solution that supports reliable energy orchestration at scale.

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Adapt to the Complexities of a Decentralized Grid

With the rapid growth of distributed energy resources (DERs), grid operators must not only manage generation and distribution but also energy storage and a complex mix of electricity loads. Effective DER planning and simulation require real-time data from more assets than ever, and limited visibility into asset-level availability and capacity makes seamless DER integration a challenge. Additionally, congestion management issues amplified by DERs can cause grid instability, overvoltage, and reverse power flows.

To protect grid reliability and realize the full potential of DERs, utilities and grid operators need an end-to-end platform that unifies DER management across every piece of the energy value chain, from grid optimization and market orchestration to flexibility management and prosumer engagement.

DER Solutions for Grid to Prosumer

An End-to-End Solution for DER Management

Grid to Prosumer DERMS

Optimize Energy Supply and Demand

Schneider Electric’s Grid-to-Prosumer DERMS is a comprehensive platform that optimizes grid performance while delivering real-time visibility and control across a diverse range of behind-the-meter and utility-scale assets. This end-to-end solution brings together grid optimization, flexibility management, and prosumer engagement capabilities in a unified, end-to-end platform. From flexibility procurement to DER enablement and orchestration to customer enrollment and marketing, Grid-to-Prosumer DERMS enables a new level of reliable, sustainable energy orchestration.

Key Features

Grid Optimization

  • Situational grid awareness
  • Utility-scale simulation, planning, and optimization
  • System hosting capacity and DER connection requests
  • Active network management
  • Grid constraint management
  • Planning based on dynamic DER operating envelopes

Flexibility Management

  • DER connections, capacity, and monetization
  • Predictive controls for monitoring, forecasting, and dispatch
  • Economic constraint optimization
  • Measurement and verification (M&V)

Prosumer Engagement

  • Customer acquisition and engagement
  • Behavioral and automated DR
  • Real-time DER visibility and analytics
  • Incentive processing and settlement

NERC CIP readiness validation

  • Cybersecurity audits and assessments
  • Secure access controls
  • Cybersecurity threat monitoring
  • Incident response and recovery planning

End-to-End Technology Connects the Control Room to the Grid Edge

Grid-to-Prosumer DERMS combines Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ DERMS, a grid-aware DER monitoring and control platform, AutoGrid Flex™, an AI-powered flexibility management platform, and Uplight’s Connect Platform, an integrated data platform that powers personalized customer engagement. This new approach to DERMS can be easily integrated into an existing advanced distribution management system (ADMS) from Schneider Electric or any other vendor.

The Grid-to-Prosumer DERMS Difference

This unified approach to DERMS technology helps utilities and other market participants unlock many new capabilities for the first time. Two illustrative examples include:

Apartment Building Solar Panels
Leveraging accurate distribution-line feeder forecasts to bolster local reliability by tapping available DERs such as rooftop solar PV, batteries, smart thermostats, or EV chargers to be optimized and then dispatched to meet local flexibility needs.
Electric Bus Supercharging Station
Performing system hosting capacity analysis for EV charging depots to develop customized solutions that serve the needs of both the EV depots and the utility with tools such as a flexible service connection.

Simplify DER Orchestration. Maximize Flexibility.

Grid-to-Prosumer DERMS delivers a wide range of orchestration, flexibility, and customer benefits for utilities and grid operators, paving the way for a smarter, more resilient grid.

Key Benefits

Proven, Scalable DERMS Technology

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energy resources dispatched
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total DER flexibility managed
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customers engaged worldwide

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