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Transform EVs from a challenge into a flexible grid advantage

AutoGrid Flex EV

Broadest Ecosystem of EV Charging and Equipment Providers Including

ecosystem of EV charging and equipment provider

Most Complete Solution for the EV Value Chain

Harness the energy flexibility of EVs to enable a more reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable grid. AutoGrid Flex EV provides the industry’s most complete end-to-end solution, including:
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11 years

Over a decade of experience in EV and EVSE management


Demonstrated capability onboarding thousands of assets in weeks


Broadest ecosystem of EVSE and EV OEM brands connected
On the Road to a Robust EV Solution Ecosystem

On the Road to a Robust EV Solution Ecosystem

Telematics, the convergence of telecommunications and information processing, has become essential in today’s digital economy, particularly with the explosive growth of electric vehicles (EVs). Telematics can provide immense volumes of data from EVs and support infrastructure to gain market insights, including the behaviors of those who drive EVs.

Engage Enroll and Control a Wider Range of EV Assets

Engage, Enroll, and Control a Wider Range of EV Assets

Single Pane of Glass

Leverage the most comprehensive technology-agnostic toolset in the industry to easily visualize and analyze charging behavior, aggregate data from multiple sources, and make data-based decisions. AutoGrid Flex EV provides a holistic view of charging infrastructure across your territory, enabling utility providers to quickly identify issues, make informed decisions, and optimize grid services.

Single Pane of Glass

EV Fleet Management Value Stacking for VPPs

End-to-End Support for EV Grid Management Programs

Seamless Customer Experience

Seamless Customer Experience

Decentralize Energy Generation

Coverage for All EV Segments

Maximum Customer Choice

Maximum Customer Choice

Advanced Optimization and Control

Advanced Optimization and Control

EV Charging Analytics

EV Charging Analytics

Through our Power Response program, AutoGrid empowers consumers to actively participate in making the grid more resilient, reliable, and sustainable. Its capabilities enable service optimization and reduce usage when there is strain on the grid, benefiting our customers and the environment.

Joanne O’Neill
Clean Power Alliance’s Director of Customer Programs

Unify All Asset Types With a Single DERMS Platform

Integrate your EV program with your thermostat, storage, C&I programs using AutoGrid Flex to ease administrative burden and eliminate data silos.

Unify All Asset Types With a Single DERMS Platform
AutoGrid Flex EV Turnkey Solution

Accelerate Time-to-Market With Turnkey Services

Utilize AutoGrid’s turnkey services to aid in program design, customer recruitment, incentive payouts, and reporting.

End-to-end SaaS + Turnkey Services Solution for EV and EVSE Energy Management

Revolutionize Your Future of EV Charging with AutoGrid’s Advanced EV Mobility Solution

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