AutoGrid Microgrids Management

Optimize your microgrid operations for peak efficiency and adaptability.

AutoGrid Flex brings the power of large-scale, multi-asset VPPs to microgrids and microgrid fleets. Using advanced analytics, AutoGrid can intelligently manage and optimize the generation, storage, and distribution of energy within a microgrid, based on real-time data and forecasts. This allows for overall increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved grid stability.

Streamlined integration
Seamless market access
Energy forecasting and aggregation
microgrids for solar farms

What is a microgrid?

Microgrids are designed to operate independently when the larger utility network goes down due to extreme weather, wildfires or terrorist attacks. In each of these situations, microgrids provide backup power during outages. Under so-called “blue sky” conditions, microgrids can operate in parallel with the larger grid network and can serve a range of purposes, such as shrinking energy costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Shorten project timelines and gain faster ROI with the industry’s first standardized microgrid system

EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Flex brings together powerful technology from across the Schneider Electric value chain. This new end-to-end offering reduces project timelines from years to months and delivers enhanced ROI. Optimized through a data-as-a-service model, the solution plugs data from single or multiple microgrids directly into AutoGrid Flex VPP (virtual power plant).

Improved ROI and Faster Time to Value

AutoGrid Flex enables independent microgrids to do the kind of bill optimization previously reserved for VPP aggregations.

Data-Driven DER Optimization

Leverage islanding for resilience and real-time predictive data on market conditions to optimize DER assets and achieve cost savings, carbon reduction, and prep for long duration outages.

Aggregation Ready

Participate in VPP aggregations as a single site or a fleet to support overall grid stability and capitalize on your microgrid infrastructure investments.

Cloud Native Architecture

Eliminate upfront capital expenditures on physical infrastructure, lowers operational costs, facilitates unlimited scalability, immediate software updates, centralized data security patches, and more.

Revenue Ready

Tap into new revenue by supporting ancillary and other grid services and by trading energy in wholesale markets.

Streamlined Deployment

Seamlessly integrate data and optimize resource allocation with plug-and-play operational and predictive models.

How EaaS microgrids optimized with VPP software accelerate the energy transition

Maximize resiliency, efficiency, and ROI of DER microgrid assets.

AutoGrid Flex provides added value to EaaS and energy retailers by enabling the effective management and optimization of microgrids and microgrid fleets. Automate the dispatch of energy resources, forecast energy demand, and ensure grid stability for improved operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Balance supply and demand in real time
Prioritize power allocation
Monitor generation, consumtion and storage
Optimize operations

Seamless VPP


Monitoring & Control

SCADA and BMS Interoperability

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