Optimize Your Energy Mix for a More Resilient, Sustainable Grid

Aggregate and orchestrate energy assets across all classes, device types, and use cases with seamless communication and control. Based on open protocols, AutoGrid’s VPP platform harnesses distributed energy resources (DERs) at scale to create flexible capacity.

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What is a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)?

A VPP is an aggregated network of DERs that can be remotely controlled and operated to balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid. A VPP combines devices that store, generate, and shift electricity to help meet peak demand in place of a conventional power plant.

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Evolving in the New Energy Economy

AutoGrid is the recognized leader in VPP software, and our digital software technology platform is used around the world with over 7,600 MW of assets under contract across 17 countries.

Optimization Engine

Dynamically make decisions to balance supply and demand in real-time through instantaneous analysis of energy data.

Flexible Capacity

Aggregate diverse DERs into a single VPP that connects energy producers with utilities and grid operators to share capacity.

Grid Services

Operate on par with conventional peaker plants, but with much lower emissions, lower cost, and improved resiliency.

Open Protocols

Communicate with a wide range of devices and systems, without being locked into a specific technology or vendor.

Turnkey VPPs: Streamlining DER Management for the Decarbonized Grid of the Future

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Acquire More Capacity, Not Complexity

AutoGrid offers turnkey VPP solutions to manage the entire lifecycle of customer DER assets and provide reliable load reductions or supply-side capacity when dispatched. Combining the power of the AutoGrid Flex™ software platform with industry-leading program management, a vast ecosystem of technology vendors, and a 24/7 network operations center, AutoGrid delivers a true turnkey VPP solution.

Check stretch goals off your list with VPPs

Improve grid resiliency

Improve Grid Resiliency

Simplyfy Market Access

Simplify Market Access

Decentralize Energy Generation

Decentralize Energy Generation

Streamline reporting and compliance

Streamline Reporting and Compliance

Accelerate the integration of renewables

Accelerate Integration of Renewables

The Outback is all in for VPPs

Australia is both a global model for renewables integration and a uniquely challenging energy market. Learn how AutoGrid Flex is helping reinvent Australia’s energy landscape.
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Diversify Demand Side Assets with AutoGrid Flex™

Use our SaaS solution to manage and optimize your energy assets across various classes and device types, enabling a cleaner, more distributed and reliable grid.

Customer Success Stories

“By offering us increased control over our flexible portfolio, AutoGrid’s Software Defined Power Plant™ enables us to integrate alternative flexible energy resources into our portfolio and subsequently a larger amount of intermittent renewables, helping our customers reduce their energy costs and helping us get a higher return on our renewable assets.”

Michel Engelen, Head of Portfolio Management

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