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End-to-end solutions

When you want to launch a new program or service, whether it is a C&I demand response program or storage co-optimization, an end-to-end approach is critical for a successful, speedy rollout. AutoGrid has a proven track record implementing a wide variety of flexibility management solutions for energy providers, addressing your complete requirements, from program design to customer acquisition to ongoing operations. AutoGrid solutions feature:

  • Best-in-class software, hardware and services from AutoGrid and our partners
  • Proven expertise in all aspects of program management including program design, customer acquisition, asset optimization, measurement and analytics, and customer support
  • A unified but modular flexibility management suite that lets you rapidly implement one project now, and then easily extend tomorrow
  • Popular devices and equipment demanded by customers

BYOT (Bring-Your-Own-Things) DR

The only BYOT program able to support and manage the full range of customer-owned assets, such as smart thermostats and EV chargers, regardless of hardware vendor, with plug-n-play asset connectivity. Addresses the end-to-end workflow including enrollment, installation support, incentive processing, ongoing event dispatch, and M&V. Powered by AutoGrid DROMS™, our BYOT program provides customers choice and self-control without sacrificing operational reliability.


Easy-to-deploy DR programs which can combine behavioral dispatch, dynamic pricing and direct load control mechanisms to reduce or shift load during peak times. Engage customers through timely notifications before, during, and after DR events. Powered by AutoGrid DROMS™, these programs are highly configurable, allowing you to apply specific business rules to tailor to different C&I customer contracts, and personalize M&V reporting to meet each customer’s needs. Supports all facets of site assessment, load profile analytics, site enablement and support.

Community DR

A personalized, user-friendly community DR program powered by AutoGrid DROMS™ designed to save energy for a common community purpose. Embedded gamification increases customer engagement and participation in DR events. Grows the value to community members by reducing energy costs, integrating customer-owned resources into wholesale markets, and reducing administration costs.

Customer engagement portal

A full-featured, rich, and personalized customer portal powered by AutoGrid Engage™,, designed to boost enrollment, participation, and engagement with your C&I and residential customers across a wide variety of DR and energy efficiency programs, and to cross-sell complementary energy services. Uses AutoGrid’s advanced analytical capabilities to target customers with the right offers and present them with personalized, real-time program updates.

DER ancillary services

A proven, comprehensive solution for delivering ancillary services from DERs including batteries, smart inverters, microgrids, CHPs, etc. Powered by AutoGrid DERMS™ and AutoGrid VPP™, it aggregates and optimizes flexible capacity from DERs, which can be leveraged by bulk system operations. The modular, vendor-neutral solution with pre-built connectivity to a wide variety of assets enables you to rapidly supply ancillary services from many types of DERs.

Distribution flexibility

A powerful solution for enhancing flexibility on the distribution grid by integrating and utilizing end-customer installations of batteries, microgrids, and other DERs. Powered by AutoGrid DERMS™, it aggregates, forecasts and optimizes flexible capacity from DERs at the sub-station, feeder and transformer levels, reacting to distribution management needs in real time and also providing capacity to avoid capital investments in system upgrades. Connects to and manages all DERs, including third-party solar and storage aggregates, from one vendor-neutral platform.

EV & EVSE management

A solution for electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging equipment from dozens of vendors, forecasting and managing distributed EVSE to shift load to off-peak hours. Provides analytics on customer driving habits, state of charge and range calculations. Powered by AutoGrid DERMS™, AutoGrid’s EV and EVSE management solution maximizes participation by providing customer convenience and self-control.

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Residential behavioral and pricing programs

A simple, easy-to-deploy residential DR program that can be deployed to a large fraction of your customer base. Can support one or more flavors of behavioral and dynamic pricing DR, including TOU (time of use), CPP (critical peak pricing) and PTR (peak time rebates), using a single platform powered by AutoGrid DROMS™. Ensures ongoing engagement with customers throughout the DR season to maximize enrollment and yield. Proven as a dispatchable resource.

Residential direct load control (DLC) DR

Proven, best-practice program with single console for enrolling participants and devices, managing field installers, onboarding device-level data, dispatching events to a variety of assets, and monitoring and verifying curtailment performance, powered by AutoGrid DROMS™. Incorporates best practices for coordinating surgical marketing and dispatch, and improving customer satisfaction in order to reduce churn. Easily scales to thousands of end-points.

Smart inverter management

A comprehensive solution for managing distributed generation and storage resources, powered by AutoGrid DERMS™. Improves power quality including both active and reactive power by surgically managing smart inverter profiles at the station, feeder and transformer levels. Also provides localized real-time control and visibility for distributed generation and other DERs.

Storage co-optimization

Powered by AutoGrid Flex™, the energy storage co-optimization module continuously optimizes across all value streams, benefiting end-customers with energy and demand charge reductions while supporting network needs with distribution flexibility and ancillary services. The AutoGrid energy storage module can be incorporated with AutoGrid DROMS™ to deliver reliable Demand Response programs, AutoGrid DERMS™ to deliver distribution system support, or AutoGrid VPP™ to fully monetize flexibility in real time power markets.

Virtual power plant (VPP)

A scalable, proven virtual power plant solution powered by AutoGrid VPP™, creating flexible capacity from DERs and capturing new revenue streams by aggregating flexible resources in energy and ancillary services markets in real time. With AutoGrid, you can forecast, optimize, control and aggregate a vast network of distributed energy resources, in real time and at scale.