Solar + Storage Fleets

Powered by AutoGrid Flex™, the solar & storage fleet solution enables co-optimization across all value streams, benefiting end-customers with resiliency, energy and demand charge reductions while supporting network needs with distribution flexibility and ancillary services. Manage complex regulatory constraints and take advantage of policy mechanisms where possible. The flexibility associated with a large fleet of assets can be used to deliver reliable demand response capacity, distribution system support, or be monetized in real-time power markets. AutoGrid Flex™ is the only platform that enables co-optimization across site-specific and portfolio value streams in real-time and at massive scale.

Utility Scale Storage

Use AutoGrid Flex™ with large utility-scale storage assets and participate in multiple market opportunities to maximize ROI. Manage capacity, energy and ancillary services revenue streams seamlessly, while operating within the prescribed limits. AutoGrid Flex™ is the industry-first platform that provides a trading solution combining large utility-scale assets with behind-the-meter DERs to maximize revenues for the asset owners.


Go beyond just resiliency with AutoGrid’s microgrid solution – additionally offer energy-as-a-service. Microgrid assets can now be used to deliver local site bill reductions while delivering distribution flexibility and ancillary services in a grid connected mode. Use AutoGrid’s experts in the planning phases to optimally size microgrid assets and estimate the expected financial returns on the project. AutoGrid Flex™ is the only platform that provides microgrid owners the ability to monetize the value of these assets beyond resiliency.

Renewables Trading

As an owner of large renewable generation portfolios, Use AutoGrid Flex™ core functionalities to provide comprehensive market access and operations to the assets under management . Easily integrate with markets, trading desks, hyperlocal forecasting services and automate day-to-day functions. Flex provides:

  • Secure connectivity to assets under management
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Hyperlocal forecasting
  • Bid and nomination support
  • Post bid analysis and settlement

EV Fleet Management

A solution for electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging equipment from dozens of vendors, forecasting and managing distributed EVSE to shift load to off-peak hours.
Fleet operators will use AutoGrid Flex™ to deliver charge management and meet daily transportation requirements to drive the lowest cost of operation, and additional monetization through grid services or market participation. AutoGrid Flex™ is the only platform that is capable of managing the full ecosystem of assets for an EV fleet owner – electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and optimize with DERs behind the meter. Use Flex’s AI for:

  • Fleet Monitoring and Situational Awareness
  • Reducing Customer Bill
  • Reducing Fleet Operational Cost
  • Grid Services Revenue
  • Fleet Performance Tracking

Bring Your Own Things™ Solution

AutoGrid’s BYOT™ solution is the only service able to support and manage the full range of customer-owned assets, such as smart thermostats and EV chargers, regardless of hardware vendor, with plug-n-play asset connectivity. Addresses the end-to-end workflow including enrollment, installation support, incentive processing, ongoing event dispatch, and M&V. Powered by AutoGrid DROMS™, our BYOT™ solution provides customers choice and self-control without sacrificing operational reliability.

C&I Demand Response

Easy-to-deploy DR programs which can combine behavioral dispatch, dynamic pricing and direct load control mechanisms to reduce or shift load during peak times. Engage customers through timely notifications before, during, and after DR events. Powered by AutoGrid DROMS™, these programs are highly configurable, allowing you to apply specific business rules to tailor to different C&I customer contracts, and personalize M&V reporting to meet each customer’s needs. Supports all facets of site assessment, load profile analytics, site enablement and support.

Behavioral and Community DR

A simple, easy-to-deploy DR program that can be deployed to a large fraction of your customer base. Can support one or more flavors of behavioral and dynamic pricing DR, including TOU (time of use), CPP (critical peak pricing) and PTR (peak time rebates). Ensures ongoing engagement with customers throughout the DR season to maximize enrollment and yield. Embedded gamification further increases customer engagement and participation in DR events. Grows the value to community members by reducing energy costs, integrating customer-owned resources into wholesale markets, and reducing administration costs.

Corporate PPAs

AutoGrid’s newest solution now allows enterprises and project developers to reduce their carbon footprint and deliver on sustainability goals. Embrace renewable generation without the inherent risks associated with variability, by dispatching flexibility when needed. Specific capabilities include:

  • Real time monitoring of production and consumption across all sites
  • Real time visibility into carbon intensity of all consumption
  • 24×7 matching of demand and with renewable supply
  • Lowered PPA cost in contract for difference (CFD) contracts
  • Dispatch of flexible DERs to mitigate variability


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