Explore the intersection of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and the power grid through the lens of virtual power plants (VPPs). In this episode of “On the Grid Edge”, Sruthi Davuluri and Peter Asmus discuss the challenges utilities face in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, and the different regulatory structures impacting how they can use DERs.

The conversation highlights the need for utilities to pay attention to policy and anticipate future changes, and Autogrid’s Turnkey VPP business model as a solution. The Turnkey VPP aims to make it simpler for utilities to acquire supply for their service territory by taking care of the hard work, from signing up asset owners to settlements. Learn how VPPs offer a way to get more value out of existing assets and encourage utilities to start anticipating the future. You’ll learn how to:

  • Turnkey VPP simplifies the process for utilities
  • Manage the unique requirements and regulatory constraints associated with DERs
  • Turnkey VPP makes it easier for utilities to navigate this energy transition.
  • Maximize the value of existing assets
  • How compensation for VPPs can be based on rates paid for traditional power generation

The Speakers:

Peter Asmus Headshot

Peter Asmus

Director of Strategic Marketing
Peter Asmus is the Director of Strategic Marketing for AutoGrid. Previously, he was Research Director for Guidehouse Insights, a management consulting firm. There, he launched the microgrid and VPP research services over a decade ago, forecasting future trends and ranking leading solution providers. He has 34 years of experience in covering and analyzing and writing about emerging energy trends.
Sruthi Davuluri Headshot

Sruthi Davuluri

Head of Policy & Market Development

Sruthi Davuluri is the Head of Policy & Market Development at AutoGrid, where she drives regulatory interventions to accelerate the deployments of DERs and VPPs. She also estimates revenue potential for various types of energy assets across North American markets.  Prior to joining AutoGrid, Sruthi was a consultant at Energy and Environmental Economics (E3), where she advised utilities, developers, and regulatory agencies on a wide variety of topics such as battery storage deployment, building electrification, and EVs. She holds a Master of Science degree in Technology and Policy from MIT and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

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