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Realize the full economic value of battery deployments with a comprehensive, AI-driven platform that enables management across all storage value streams, unlocking the full potential of energy storage assets. Leverage AutoGrid’s ESM platform to complement your renewables generation with management and monetization of storage flexibility.

Watch: Volatility into Value: Monetizing Grid-Scale Batteries in the Renewables Economy (58:27)

Energy Storage Management Customers

Why do I need an Energy Storage Management System?

Connect Renewables Storage to Energy Markets

Leverage proven market expertise to connect new generation assets for direct market participation.

Improve the Certainty of Market Obligations

Overcome the challenges of intermittent generation and improve impact on grid stability.

Turn Volatility Into Value

Strategically buy and sell energy to capitalize on market dynamics and optimize resource utilization.

Total Stability

Total Stability for France’s Power Grid

Discover how TotalEnergies harnessed the power of AutoGrid’s platform to stabilize France’s power grid. By deploying our solution in Dunkirk’s port district, Total’s 25 MW/25 MWh battery system expanded its capacity to serve the Frequency Containment Reserves (FCR) market by over fourfold, delivering significant value and contributing to 15% of France’s total FCR market.

Realize the full potential of value stacking.

AutoGrid’s Flex™ energy management platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and AI optimization for various value-stream use cases, including frequency regulation, ancillary services, resource adequacy and capacity, day-ahead, and real-time markets. Ensure delivery of market commitments, PPA requirements, warranty management, and take full advantage of market volatility.

Real-Time Telemetry and Control

High-speed telemetry and control combined with advanced algorithms enable smooth renewable energy integration.

Frequency Regulation

Monitor grid frequency in real-time for timely responses and efficient grid management.

Optimization Engine

High-speed telemetry and control combined with advanced algorithms enable planning and dispatch.

State-of-Charge (SOC) Management

Optimize SOC based on real-time market conditions to maximize battery performance.


Ensure maximum revenue while maintaining dispatchable capacity for load shifting or system reliability, to minimize risk.

Data Visualization

Maximize revenue and optimize return on investment with real-time state-of-charge and market dispatch visibility.

New Revenue Streams for Grid-Scale Battery Storage: Digital Strategies and Business Models

Revenue Generation and Market Participation

AutoGrid Flex offers controls for dispatch of energy assets to capture maximum revenue from both ancillary markets and wholesale energy markets. Customization is based on on-site needs and grid requirements, and the platform efficiently integrates diverse data sources, such as real-time market prices, weather forecasts, and grid constraints, for nimble resource allocation.

Webinar: Volatility into Value, Monetizing Grid-Scale Batteries in the Renewables Economy

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