AutoGrid Virtual Power Plant

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Pull maximum value from flexible resources

AutoGrid VPP (Virtual Power Plant) aggregates customer-owned flexible storage, distributed generation and demand-side resources to monetize in multiple energy markets, and turn them into cash generators. With best-in-class forecasting and asset-optimization capabilities, AutoGrid VPP allows utilities and aggregators to create additional flexible capacity and extract maximum value from flexible resources in lucrative markets around the globe

Scale and dispatch on the fly

With AutoGrid VPP, you can forecast, optimize and control a vast network of distributed energy resources, in real time and at scale. AutoGrid VPP is built on the world’s most scalable real-time architecture, with proven deployments helping energy providers combine and manage hundreds of assets as single, virtual power plants.

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Help your customers profit from all their assets

As energy markets evolve, large C&I customers are increasingly demanding the ability to turn flexible capacity into profit centers. AutoGrid VPP offers broad out-of-the-box connectivity with no custom programming for most asset types, allowing you to deliver value across all your customers’ diverse assets-with ease.

Speedy deployment, speedy returns

Pre-built connectivity, a highly modular SaaS architecture and pre-built support for numerous wholesale markets globally allow you to implement a VPP in a matter of weeks. So you can get ahead and stay ahead of rapid technology, industry and regulatory change.

Maximum gain, minimum risk

Two of the most important questions energy providers ask about VPP: Does it work? And how can you prove it? Which is why AutoGrid is a safe bet. We have proven deployments around the globe, reliably managing distributed assets as part of use cases at dozens of energy providers.