Go beyond outage response to forecasting and prevention.

In today’s decentralized energy landscape, resilience has never been more important – or challenging – for utilities. With grid stability threats ranging from extreme weather to cyber attacks, utility operations and supply-side teams need to go beyond outage response to forecasting and prevention. Resilience itself is being redefined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions that transform distributed energy resources (DERs) from decentralized complexity into essential assets, as well as enabling grid services and ancillary market participation. Utility and energy professionals need to keep up with these changes to develop and scale grid management strategies in response to today’s decentralized, volatile energy landscape. Join industry veteran and visionary Bryan Olnick and DERs expert Sadia Raveendran for a conversation on the new radical resilience achievable with today’s cutting-edge DERMS and virtual power plant (VPP) platforms. They’ll share case studies from utilities and energy retailers achieving unprecedented outcomes. And they’ll offer actionable insights to keep the power flowing for critical infrastructure and support customer satisfaction in our always-on environment. You’ll learn:

  • How VPPs serve as a cleaner, more cost-effective alternative to peaker plants that delivers dispatch-grade MWs using customer-sided load, generation, and storage resources
  • How digital grid management can enable more efficient adoption of distributed energy resources that benefit grid operators and prosumers alike
  • How to harness EVs and other distributed energy resources at scale to extend your DER network

The Speakers:

Sadia Raveendran Headshot

Sadia Raveendran

Senior Director, Industry Solutions

Sadia Raveendran is a Senior Director of Industry Solutions at AutoGrid, the leading energy flexibility management platform provider for the industry. Sadia has over a decade of experience in clean energy across technologies, regions, and functions. Prior to joining AutoGrid, she worked at GE Renewable Energy in product management roles for equipment, services, and digital products (internal tools) for onshore wind. Prior to that, she did research on carbon capture and sequestration at the MIT Energy Initiative and helped build Tata Power’s solar power portfolio in India. At AutoGrid, her work focuses on the demand side of clean energy and effective management strategies for the ever-evolving electricity grid. She works closely with AutoGrid’s customers to design and implement energy flexibility management programs that make them leaders in the energy transition. She graduated from Wellesley College with majors in Physics & Economics and completed her master’s degree at MIT.

Bryan Olnik Headshot

Bryan Olnick

Vice President of Electric Distribution
Operations @Retired, Florida Power & Light

An industry veteran, Bryan retired as vice president of Electric Distribution Operations with Florida Power & Light Company after 34 years. He’s served in key leadership roles helping to drive industry and business strategies, reliability and customer service performance. Bryan’s expertise includes smart grid innovation, storm and disaster emergency response, storm hardening, grid resiliency, distribution systems and control center operations, and unmanned aerial vehicle systems (drones).

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