AutoGrid DERMS

Harness DERs to enhance grid operations

AutoGrid DERMS is the industry’s most comprehensive distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) application, connecting to and managing all types of distributed energy resources (DERs). Tap into smart inverters, storage, combined heat and power units (CHPs) and other distributed generation resources to improve grid reliability, ensure power quality, and enable ancillary services.

All DERs. All assets. Multiple protocols. One platform.

DERs pose a threat to traditional distribution system operating models – and, by extension, to system reliability. What’s more, DERs vary by type, manufacturer and communication protocols, creating a hairball of complexity.

AutoGrid DERMS delivers comprehensive, vendor-neutral DER support, connecting to and managing all DERs, including third-party solar and storage aggregates, from one platform. With AutoGrid DERMS, threat becomes opportunity.

  •  Avoid vendor lock-in
  •  Integrate new DERs as needed
  •  Add operational flexibility
  •  Ensure regulatory compliance

Find out how you can harness flexible capacity from all DERs

Targeted dispatch when, where and how it’s needed—at scale

The surge of DERs at the grid edge can disrupt local power quality, reverse system flows or skew voltage regulation. AutoGrid DERMS solves these issues with targeted, surgical dispatch at the substation, feeder or transformer level based on local grid conditions. You also get unprecedented horizontal scalability from AutoGrid’s state-of-the-art big data architecture , so you can support large numbers of DERs, control-configurations and granular system condition data in real time.

Get to market faster

It can be hard to sell ancillary services from DERs to upstream markets. Not so with AutoGrid DERMS. With easy configuration to meet your specific requirements and a SaaS-based architecture, AutoGrid DERMS can be deployed and operational in just one to three months.

Field-tested and proven

Don’t just take our word for it. Energy providers across the globe have demonstrated the success of AutoGrid Flex™, reliably managing distributed assets, increasing peak-demand savings and lowering costs in numerous utility and aggregator scenarios, large and small. Visit our case studies to discover more.


Learn more about the specific DER use cases powered by AutoGrid DERMS